Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Applesauce Pancakes

Yay for breakfast! With healthy apples, nonetheless. I`ll admit, I`m a waffles person, but that didn`t stop me from eating all of these pancakes. :) Pancakes are an essential breakfast item and I`m a self-proclaimed breakfast lover, which means I will always welcome them into my belly.

Plus, they`re easier to make compared to waffles (I didn`t want to take out my waffle maker). Haha! But, trust me, you`ll love these. The pancakes themselves do not include any butter, oil, or fatty ingredients. Along with your typical pancake ingredients, they`re made with unsweetened applesauce and vanilla yogurt. So, I guess you can even say these are healthier than your typical pancakes.

Friday, April 11, 2014

White Chocolate Lemon Brownies

I`m glad my addiction for endless lemon flavored desserts will now match the bright, sunny weather outside! These lemon brownies are going to knock your pants/socks/clothes/etc off. Haha! I nearly rolled over when I took my first bite. It was beyond delicious, people!

These bars have a denser crumb texture compared to a typical cake, similar to a brownie (but, not a fudgey brownie). I added some white chocolate, since I completely adore the combination. My friend and I baked a white chocolate lemon cheesecake once and it was unforgettable. I knew I couldn`t go wrong by adding that white chocolate taste to complement the lemon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Braided Biscoff Apple Bread

It seems like Summer`s weather is coming super early for Southern California. This week is all high 80s!! I know, I don`t like the rain, but we could really use it. Haha.

Okay, so this recipe is incredibly simple and definitely feels out of season for Spring. I mean, apples? Many food blogs aim to use seasonal ingredients and I try to do the same, as well. But living in SoCal, it`s hard for me, since the fruits I always crave for are sold all the time! :P

I love apple desserts so much, I crave for them year-around. (Just like, ice cream.) Heck, you only need 1 apple for this recipe, so it doesn`t really matter if they`re in season. The weather is getting warm, so you probably want to avoid the oven. This simple recipe will get you a wonderful treat, without much work!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini Lemon 7Up Pound Cakes with Strawberry Swirl

I`m sure you`ve heard of pound cakes, lemon cakes, and 7UP cakes, but all together?? Okay, maybe you have with all these crazy food inventions going on. I haven`t, so please humor me if you have. Especially, since these little bundt cakes are scrumptious. (I think this may be the first time I`ve ever used that word on here!)

I`ve been meaning to bake a 7UP cake for a long time. I didn`t grow up drinking soda, since my mom never liked it when my sisters and I did (this never stopped my youngest sister, though!). I mean, I would drink soda occasionally, but not nearly as often as I see others drink soda. Long story short, I didn`t have any lemon-lime soda at home to bake a 7UP cake.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Minty Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is Girl Scouts season over yet? I have no clue, but since I have enough to last me the year, I can always snack on thin mints, samoas, shortbread cookies, and lemonades anytime!! I bought the most boxes out of all my friends and families... Haha! Hey, I`m helping these people get rid of their boxes and boxes of cookies, right?

I`m a huge fan of thin mints, as you can tell with these peanut butter thin mints I created a while back. These cookies aren`t mindblowing-ly (Did I just make up this word? Possibly.) creative. It`s a chocolate chip cookie that I mint-ified. (Another made up one? Possibly.)

I have this ridiculous craving where I always want a darn chocolate chip cookie. It`s weird. I see and bake all these crazy desserts, but I always have a hankering for the classic chocolate chip cookie!! I guess, it`s a classic for a reason right?