Thursday, August 21, 2014

Coffee Stracciatella Ice Cream

Even though National Ice Cream Month was in July, it`s still summer, which means more ice cream consumption. At least for me!

I haven`t made coffee ice cream in forever. It`s one of my favorite go-to flavors when I visit ice cream shops. Of course coffee + toffee go well together, but I did that last time.

I`m not an avid coffee drinker. I only drink stuff like coffee milk or mocha frappuccino since I like the coffee flavor. It was hard to find a recipe that didn`t use coffee beans or grounds, but still yielded the strong coffee flavor I like. I think I totally found a winner with this one. Next time, I might even up the coffee. Although, this amount was perfect, I just love the strong coffee taste!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brown Butter Blueberry Dulce de Leche Waffles

I`ll admit that it`s a little weird to have such a long recipe name for just some waffles. Let`s be honest, these are NOT "some waffles" right here. They are special. Let me reiterate these very important words: brown butter, blueberry, dulce de leche, and waffles.

Yep. These waffles are in fact, made with brown butter. Then, you add in some juicy blueberries and swirl in some dulce de leche. If you want to go even further, make the dulce de leche drizzle. Although, if you want one less bowl to clean, pure maple syrup will be just as perfect!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pitaya/Dragon Fruit Bowl

Okay, it took me way longer than I expected to edit the photos for this post. I mean, all bloggers know how much time and commitment comes with publishing a blog post, but this isn`t because of all that. Originally, I had plan to simply touch up the colors of these photos and write the blog post. I did all that. Then, I wanted to do these fancy things to the typography...

What I wanted to do, I didn`t already know how to do on Photoshop...which led me to spend over an hour looking up tutorials and videos on how to do it. And...I didn`t even end up doing what I wanted!! I did end up learning new things, but decided against my original idea.

Sigh. I could`ve just made it simple from the beginning, since it just ended up being two simple ovals around my text. You think I would have learned this the first time around, but unfortunately, this was not the first time I`ve done this. Far from it! Hey, you can`t stop your curiosity, right?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Blueberry Turnovers

Summer means lots and lots of berries! Pies, usually come to mind when you think of incorporating berries, such as blueberries, in desserts. But, Summer. It`s hot. Most people (I say most, because this excludes those crazy foodies who`s addicted to baking), want to avoid turning on the oven in the heat.

Sorry, to disappoint, this isn`t some crazy no bake pie recipe. This recipe does require an oven. But, before you say, "awwe" and wave this recipe off, it`s a really quick recipe. Your oven will only be on for like, 30 minutes!!

There are worlds of recipes for fruit turnovers out there, but you know what? This recipe right here is amazing. Regardless of all those other recipes, I will just stick to this greatness in front of me. This recipe is mainly simplified because you use frozen puff pastry. It`s not a traditional pie dessert, but they`re like hand pies. And really, can anything bad come out of puff pastry? Nope? Yeah, I didn`t think so.

Let me further entice you with some pictures:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month, so what a perfect excuse for me to share an ice cream recipe! Sunday was also National Ice Cream Day. I completely forgot about it, but I guess my heart knew, since I went and got some Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream that day. Three scoops of ice cream! I am an ice cream lover after all.

I regret not making more ice cream this summer. Of course, that`s not stopping me from eating my far share of it. There are many so creative ways to make and eat ice cream. Where I live, I love going to this place that makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Another popular place has ice cream sandwiched between two buns similar to donuts! They`re called milky buns. Plus, gelato in popsicle form! As an ice cream obsessed foodie, I die from excitement each time I visit these trendy places. Haha! Do you have anything similar where you live?

I`ve been dreaming of making this ice cream for over a year. I love the Haagen-Dazs version of it, so I wanted to make my own at home. It took me so long since there are so many steps. You need to make the white chocolate ice cream base, the raspberry swirl, and the truffles. But, after making everything, it didn`t even take that long! You make everything a day ahead to chill, so it`s painless work!