Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apple Pear Strudel with Maple Glaze

Yay, it`s my first Fall recipe for the season! It`s an easy-peesy recipe, too. Because sometimes (almost always for me) I just want to eat something super awesome without having to spend over 2 hours making it.

Common recipes considered to be simple, such as cookies, brownies, muffins, quick breads, and etc, are seen as those go-to recipes. They`re usually straight-forward and hassle-free. (Unless, that is, you`re not making them roasting strawberries or browning butter...) It doesn`t take much to whisk together dry and wet ingredients and combine them both. Yet, when you include the baking time (quick breads take an hour sometimes!), washing the dishes, and randomly cleaning up afterwards, it takes me at least 2-3 hours!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Strawberry Lemon French Toast Bites

Am I late with the whole strawberry and lemon combo? It just turned Fall, so I feel that it`s out of place. But, this can`t wait until next year. :P Plus, the holidays are coming and this French toast will make a delicious breakfast or brunch on a holiday morning. I mean, who wouldn`t love a cheery breakfast dish on a gloomy Winter morning (or late afternoon), right? Right.

Yeah, I totally rationalized to myself and you about why I`m posting this. (I have a degree in psychology, so I unconsciously analyze these things. Whoops, did it again. Haha!)

I used fresh strawberries, but frozen would work just as well. So, this recipe is not confined to just the Spring and Summer months.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blueberry Coconut White Chocolate Cookies

More blueberry recipes? Yes!! I`m going to squeeze in as many berry recipes before the season changes. Hope that`s a-okay with you folks. I`m sure you don`t mind more blueberry recipes, right? If you are, I bet you`ll reconsider after trying one of my blueberry recipes. :P

Actually, I made these cookies using frozen wild blueberries. Nope, not fresh blueberries. Which is why I decided to post it now, when the berry season is coming to an end. This way, if you`re craving some hint of Summer during the cold, windy, or snowy months, no fear. You have these.

After reading in Thomas Keller's famous baking book, Bouchon Bakery and his preference for using frozen wild blueberries in his muffins, I started using them instead of regular frozen blueberries. Just in case you didn`t know, wild blueberries are much smaller than regular blueberries. Hence, they have less juice. But, still have that blueberry taste we all love. I`ve baked with them before and liked the results.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blueberry Muffins with Blueberry Glaze

Okay, I`m already seeing pumpkin and Fall recipes all over the blogosphere! It doesn`t even feel like Fall, yet. At least, not for me. In southern California, it`s been in the high 80s!! As much as I love Fall baking and Fall clothes, my heart is always with the Summer fruits. Especially blueberries.

Now, blueberry muffins are nothing new. I stopped looking for new blueberry muffin recipes, since I just sworn by this brown butter double blueberry muffin recipe. Those muffins are always popular wherever I bring them. However, I think it just met its match with this recipe right now.

Oh my, my, myyyy. I swear, you must try this recipe. I think I might have to reconsider which one is my favorite blueberry muffin recipe now!

Although, I must say what makes this muffin recipe so interesting is how it uses cake flour instead of all purpose flour. If you don`t have cake flour, all purpose flour will work wonderfully as well. (The person where I adapted this recipe from used all purpose flour, while the original recipe listed cake flour.)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Baked Egg Avocado Toast

I have to say, I love love love avocados. Thankfully, I live in California, so there are always avocados when I go to the market. One weekend, my family went to a Strawberry Festival in a different city and a vendor was selling 20 (...or 25?!) avocados for like, $10!!! I freaked out when I saw. My family and my uncle`s family each bought a bag home.

I`ve seen baked avocado recipes, like this or bread, muffins, and brownies made using avocados, so I was happy I would have enough to experiment. Unfortunately, this was all I made from that list. Totally a food blogger fail, I know. But, outside of work, I have been out and about with family and friends a lot this summer. Thus, less time in the kitchen to bake.

Apparently, there are strong opinions for or against cooking avocados! Many people love eating these baked egg avocados. On the other hand, people don`t like the warm, mushy taste of a baked avocado. Frankly, I eat avocados on top of my rice sometimes. As my friend pointed out, it`s like eating it with sushi rolls. Although the avocado is not cooked, I am eating it with warm foods. So, I thought I would give this Pinterest-crazed idea a try.