Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Double Apple Croissant Waffles

I love homemade stuff. I mean, it`s what this blog is all about. However, I still love cheats like puff pastry and refrigerated dough. Those Pillsbury canned dough are some of my favorite things to work with. Not sure why, but I love working with them to make fun stuff (aside from the dough`s intended purposes, i.e. croissants).

The internet has been in love with waffling all sorts of foods. And heck, this is a trend I want to jump all over. I absolutely love waffles! I just dislike cleaning my waffle iron after making them...

I wanted to waffle croissant dough, because we all know croissants are crispy, flaky and just full of amazingness. Of course, I knew if I waffled the dough it`s not going to be exactly the same. They`re still crispy and full of amazingness, people. Waffling food deserves to be "a thing." Also, since you iron press the dough, the edges of the waffles is sort of free-from and has that Instagram-vintage-cool look and feel. (Did I even make sense?!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pumpkin Pancake French Toast

I was thinking about posting this recipe before Halloween, with the pumpkin face and all...but then, I`m assuming most people wouldn`t have time to make this for breakfast on Halloween anyway... (Or, is it just me being lazy because I didn`t want to type out the recipe from my messily handwritten recipe?) But, it`s pumpkin! So, I`m not late yet. :)

The pumpkin face was really just for funnsies, since I`ve always wanted to try doing some food art. Which, I suck at it...so this might be the last!

I really wanted to make French toast and the idea of drawing a pumpkin face on a toast was so fun, I thought maybe I could use pancake batter. I Googled it. Yep, it`s been done. Apparently, pancake French toast is really just bread dipped in a more watery/liquidy pancake batter. Sounds fun and I was up for the long and gruesome task of drawing faces with my food, instead of being normal and making normal French toast. Hah! It`s the foodie curse, I tell ya.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Salted Biscoff Cashew Cookies

I can`t believe I am writing this post for Friday. Basically, the last work day of the week. Unfortunately, last Saturday, during work, I was hit with one of my migraine attacks...and they didn`t completely leave me until 4 days later. I was bedridden for 4 days! Since no one really knows what causes migraines, I still have no clue how to stop them. Haha! Although, stress and lack of sleep most likely contribute as triggers for them...so I took a short break.

Staring at the computer screen for hours on end probably doesn`t help the migraines either, so I took a break from my computer, too. The migraines tend to fade after 6-10 hours. I was able to go online to check all the important stuff, like emails. But, after I was done, I turned my computer off, crawled into bed and slept...for HOURS.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coffee Pudding + Nescafé® with Coffee-mate® Giveaway!

Even though I love the taste of coffee, I don`t own a coffee machine. Whenever I`m making a coffee recipe, I always need to buy instant coffee packets. Kinda lame, but it`s all in the name of food!

So, I`m not sure if you`ve heard...but Nescafé® and Coffee-mate® are officially married and made some coffee + creamer babies! Okay, maybe not married in the traditional sense. Nor the human babies you`re used to. In the food sense. Coffee + creamer has always been a couple, let`s admit. Nescafé and Coffee-mate have joined forces and are offering 2-in-1 coffee and creamer products! (Giveaway details at the end!)

I used some to make coffee pudding, because why not make pudding with a flavor I love and adore? Also, homemade pudding is actually, super super easy. I was amazed at how fast it took me to finish. I think it`ll take you longer to do your dishes than it is to make this pudding!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maple Apple Creme Brulee

So lately, I have been quite obsessed with building a bug-out-bag (B.O.B). For those wondering, it`s basically an emergency kit/bag. I have no idea how I stumbled onto an article talking about earthquake preparedness...I was obviously in an internet black hole..links leads to more links, you know how it is!

Anyhoo, growing up in California, I have experienced many earthquakes. They`re not completely shocking, aside from the first second when I realize the ground is shaking. It`s actually funny how everyone tries to be the first to report the earthquakes on either Facebook or Twitter! Oh, social media! My family has like 1 emergency box that`s the size of a binder. I`m sure it`s expired since I`ve seen it as a kid! My dad keeps this emergency kit in the GARAGE. Totally out of reach in case there was an actual emergency!

I never gave the whole emergency kit much thought, since I figured, I live in a crowded, urban setting. Where I live, the worst immediate natural threat are earthquakes (which could cause other disasters like a tsunami). I figured things would be all right and the probability of our survival isn`t low. Hence, I never worried about it.

Yet, after stumbling on the article, I felt worried. We have nothing! Coincidentally, when I was at work a few days ago, there were two earthquakes! I was like, OMG. This kit needs to happen! Now that I`m older, I felt a sense of responsibility to either make or buy a kit for our household, you know?