Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Kitchen Bloopers} Cheating Cinnamon Rolls Fail

The main reason I wanted to start this blog was to document all the new food I was baking and cooking (okay, not so much of this...). Since I was baking like crazy, I couldn`t remember what recipe I used, what changes I made to them, or my own opinions on them. Even though I don`t have the BEST memory, I`ll like to say that my memory isn`t so bad. I remember names and events pretty darn well! (However, this doesn`t seem to come in handy when I`m studying for my exams, SADLY.) Hence, my goal is to be honest about my own opinions on the things I bake. And, this is the place for me to write about it.

Since I am still a noob (this means "newbie" if you`re not caught up with the lingo. LOL--I kid. please don`t hate me. It`ll make me sad. Ahah) with baking and everything about the kitchen, I make mistakes quite often. Sometimes I`m just messing around, testing stuff out according to my tastes and what I have on hand.

I simply L O V E cinnamon rolls. I seem to be proclaiming my love for something in every post huh? I did tell you I love eating, right? It`s my main goal to baking! Totally, not kidding. I gotta make the food to eat it!

One day (actually, a lot of days, I`m not going to lie), I was craving cinnamon rolls so badly. However, I didn't want to buy those huge boxes of them since I wouldn't be able to finish them before they got bad. I also really wanted to find a quick, cheating way to make them without dealing with active yeast.

I had frozen sweet dough and found a recipe to try it out. Spread it with butter, add cinnamon and sugar. Bit my lips with excitement. I even waited for them to raise and everything. I also tried out this caramel mixture. But, they failed. It had a rubbery, chewy taste to it. Dense. Rubbery. Totally not scrumptious cinnamon rolls.

I concluded that it could have been my frozen dough since I had used the same brand (Bridgford) to make some sort of bread before and even though that one ended up looking nice, the texture of the bread was about the same rubbery texture. (Before, I had thought it was because I under baked the bread.)

I`m not blaming the brand. It`s totally possible that I messed up. I did use it before it expired, but maybe it got freezer burned in my freezer. Or, something else. LOL.

No pain, no gain! I did succeed on making a quick and easy way to make cinnamon rolls! I will share that story & recipe next since you probably have enough of my jibber-jabber today. I have some Chinese characters I need to practice writing for homework!

P.S - Did anyone notice how the first two pictures were so nice? I tried really hard, since I was so excited about making them. When they failed, I was like, *snap. snap. good enough* Usually I`m like: *SNAP. snap. SNAP. x100*