Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blueberry Muffins & Mint Brownies

There are like a gazillion food blogs out there. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming when I get bombarded with so many delicious, mouth watering recipes in such a sort amount of time. I just want to try every single one, but can`t afford to. As a fellow food blogger, I get caught in the "adapting" phase where I`m constantly thinking of ways to adapt recipes. But, sometimes, I just want to try out recipes, without any sort of alterations.

However, just because I don`t change anything about the recipe, doesn`t mean I shouldn`t post about my own experience, right? Good recipes should be known and shared! Instead of posting these as individual posts, I decided to compile a few recipes every so often and make just one post.

First off, I want share these blueberry muffins from A Farmgirl's Dabbles (pictured above). This recipe belongs to Brenda's grandma. I`m in love with blueberry muffins, so I`m on a constant search to find the best. My grandma never left any baking recipes to be passed down so I have always wanted to try a recipe that has been passed down and I was definitely excited to try this one.

I love the addition of the crumb topping on these muffins. The ingredients are simple and pantry staples, which is a plus. Also, they do not include any butter, which is good. I wouldn`t name these the best muffins I`ve ever tasted in my life, but they definitely deserve a mention!

*Go here to check out the recipe for Brenda's Grandma Renelt's Blueberry Muffins.

Next, up are mint brownies from Two Peas and Their Pod (pictured below)! As I`ve admitted before, I`m not a gigantic brownie fan. I`m not saying brownies aren`t good, because they are delicious. However, a small piece of brownie goes a longgg way for me.

But these brownies? Oh boy. I love these Andes Mint Brownies. This recipe is definitely a keeper and a repeater for me (which doesn`t happen very often). It must be the chocolate Andes pieces in them. Dust them with powdered sugar and these brownies are just delectable. The first time I made these, my friends devoured them! These brownies are not dense and fudgy, but that doesn`t mean they aren`t delicious.

Also, there`s no melting chocolate over a pot of boiling water. Just two bowls and the brownies are in the oven! Everyone loves a simple and good recipe and this recipe meets those criteria.

Go here to check out the recipe for Maria's Andes Mint Brownies.