Saturday, May 19, 2012

Molten Lava Cake

First of, I`m sorry. Really really sorry. I wanted to post earlier this week for you wonderful readers, but I didn`t know what recipe to share! I`ve baked so often...I have a pretty decent backlog. The thing is, I want to share the new stuff, because  I`ve been learning a lot of new things around the kitchen and I have been modifying the recipes enough to share my own. These old stuffs...? much. BUT, they`re still yummy recipes that chronicle my baking journey, so I must! 

Today I`m going to share with you molten lava cake. Doesn`t it already sound delicious?! I made this for my 2nd year anniversary with my boyfriend. Since he is a huge chocolate lover. Yes, he is, that boy. 
I didn't change anything from the original recipe because this was my first time baking and eating lava cakes. Hence, I didn't want to mess it up. LOL. That would be a bad way to celebrate an anniversary! I would feel incredibly terrible and who wants to feel like that

I found this recipe from Savory Sweet Life since it was so simple! Little did I know that molten lava cakes are extremely simple! So, do yourself a favor when you`re having a terrible day and make this. It won`t take long before you have soft, moist, chocolate cake ready to devour. And maybe even have some powdered sugar all over your lips. Hey, some people don`t have the time to get their chocolate fix to bother about cleanliness. Don`t judge. I won`t. :D

If you don`t finish all of it, cover it, and put it in the fridge. The next time you want to eat it, just pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. & BAM, deliciousness again! 

Recipe at Savory Sweet Life: Molten Lava Cake
BTDUBS, Alice is coming out with her first cookbook VERY VERY SOON! Go Pre-order it. She`s awesome. Like really.

If you guys want to check out more recipes for molten lava cakes, here are a few I have saved for my own references:
Have a great weekend! 

P.S. Despite the fact that I make it sound like I don`t study and choose to bake instead...well I do study quite often. LOL. Yeah, okay, okay, sometimes I choose to bake instead of studying...just sometimes. ;)


  1. Gorgeous pic!

    Molten lava cakes are one of my FAVORITES!! Always my first pick for a dessert when I'm out to eat :) And I don't think I"d have any problems with leftovers, this seriously looks sooooo good!

    1. It really was delicious! I`m totally making these again!

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  3. awesome !!
    great post for the food lovers. I too uses a oven at home and its amazing.

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