Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pioneer Woman's "The Bread"

Sad. The 3-day weekend is over. But, it`s okay because this bread will cheer you up! It`s so easy, it`ll make you so happy that something so simple could taste so good! Because this bread...this bread is what the Pioneer Woman calls “The Bread” on her lovely website. Of course I had to try it. I mean, she labeled it with "The", it had to be amazing. She said it was SO EASY, and SO DELICIOUS at the same time. Naturally, it called for me, even in my sleep. It didn`t take long for me to make this after I saw the recipe. I just didn`t know what to pair it with for dinner.

So I decided to make it with baked bacon mac and cheese. But that`s for another post, sorry for teasing you. I know that sounds delicious and according to my top taste tester, it was. :D Easy peesy, go make it soon. Don’t doubt the Pioneer Woman people, she knows what she’s doing!
I didn`t make it on the same type of bread, since I COULD NOT FIND IT. I settled with the thin French baguette from Lee`s Sandwiches (since it’s right next to my apartment) and they make it fresh every 30 minutes. Next time, I will try to make this on another type of bread, so I can see the difference. But, even with this, it was still delicious.

Okay, confession time. I’m so so so sorry Pioneer Woman…I didn`t use the same amount of butter that was in your recipe. I`m sorry. I knew better. I did. It was just so much butter. I couldn`t bring myself to eat an entire loaf of baguette with all that butter (it was just me and my boyfriend eating it!). BUT, BUT! To be fair, my bread was smaller than yours.

If you want to see her original recipe, please feel free to go and try it! She always posts lovely step by step pictures with hilarious captions. :D If you want to see the slight modifications that I’ve made, I have included the directions for what I did below. However, do try Ree`s version if you`re up for it! Enjoy, my lovely readers! 

Pioneer Woman's "The Bread"

Adapted from: Pioneer Woman
Servings: 8
Level: Easy
Time: 15 minutes

§  1 loaf of French bread
§  1 stick of salted butter (1/2 cup), softened
§  Some Thyme, personal preference
1.       Preheat your oven to 350°F
2.       Cut your loaf of bread in half, lengthwise.
3.       Spread ½ of the stick of butter on each half
4.       Bake for 10-15 minutes, then turn on the broil and broil the bread for 3 to 5 minuts. (WATCH THE BREAD CAREFULLY, to make sure it doesn’t catch on fire or something.
5.       Remove from oven and sprinkle some thyme on top.
6.       Let it cool for 5 minutes before cutting into slices 

Before I stop, I would love to thank Kristina from Whipped for nominating me for the Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling! She is such an AMAZING and super funny girl! ♥ I'm deeply honored she even thought to nominate Hearts In My Oven!

As part of the rules, I shall tell you all one random fact about myself...here it goes...I have 15 stuffed animals/plushies on my bed. Also, 3 more on a small chair next to my bed too! I sleep on a twin bed and I manage to sleep with them ALL on my bed, without knocking a single one off my bed at night. Yeah, I know that I`m 21. Yeah, I know that I`m in college. I`m just a really good friend, all right? These were all gifts, so I couldn`t bear to keep them in a closet somewhere with the rest of my old teddy bears.

Now for my own 5 nominees for the award: *drumroll*
- Syndey of Crepes of Wrath
- Katrina of Kitchen Trials
- Steph of I AM A FOOD BLOG
- Heidi of Bits of Sunshine
- Judi of Some Kitchen Stories
(in no order)

You guys should totally check out these blogs! They're all own my RSS Feed and I love reading their blogs~ As for the nominees, go here for more info: http://foodstoriesblog.com/food-stories-award/


  1. I am so honoured that you nominated my blog! Thank you Lynna! i will be sure to do all that stuff they said i must do in my next post :) More then the nomination, i am so glad i found your blog! Its so sweet!!! I will be back!!!

    1. Of course, your blog is super lovely and super cute! I love it! :)

  2. Aw thanks for the shootout! I was so excited to nominate you! I'm obsessed with all your yummy recipes :) And your pics are all so gorgeous Lynna!

    "The Bread" looks awesome. Who can resist toasty buttery bread?? And love the thyme on it! haha and I think she'll forgive you for the butter :) Or at least your arteries will haha, sometimes I bake out of Paula Deen's cookbook and I just can't get myself to include 4 sticks of butter.... 4 sticks! Not even kidding, thats what goes into one of her cookie recipes. But thats also why they are AMAZING.

    1. No, thank YOU for nominating me! I definitely cannot resist buttery bread! Wow, FOUR? It must taste good!

  3. My husband's favorite thing in the world is garlic bread, and this one looks so good - the photography is absolutely beautiful, too! Thank you so much for the nom! :)

    1. You can totally alter this and make it as a garlic bread. I think I shall try that soon!

  4. This bread totally cheered me up! :D

    1. Yay! It makes me really glad to hear that~

  5. Ree is amazing, no? Great photography, it's really encouraging me to make this bread soon!

    1. SHE IS! Thank you so much! You should definitely make it! Especially since it's so simple!