Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 1

This week is going to be as awesome as Oreos cookies. Why? Because, this week on my blog, it`s Cookies and Cream Week!! Yep, WEEK.

You`ve guessed it, this whole week, I will be sharing Cookies and Cream/Oreo recipes. Why? Because I love love love Oreos. I loved them as a kid and I love them now. My sisters love them and my friends love naturally, I`ve tried a lot of recipes involving this delicious cookie. ♥

Since, I`m addicted to ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream is a DEFINITE MUST! I found this recipe on baked Bree and it`s a FANTASTIC recipe to kick start this week!

When my boyfriend and friends tried it they said this: "Lynna, this is the best thing you`ve ever made!"

Um, what?

The best thing. I`ve EVER made?

I don`t know if this is a good or bad thing for me. I`ve made plenty of desserts before and I liked most of them...a LOT.

However, I must admit, this is definitely one of my favorite ice cream recipes! I`m just happy to have found such an amazing recipe! Hehe~

Forget what you need make, make this now. I PROMISE you, this recipe will make you glad you did.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 

Barely adapted from: baked Bree
Yields: about 1 quart
Level: Easy
Total Time: ~35 minutes + 4-6 hours freezing time

Materials Needed:
-          Ice Cream Machine
-          1 large bowl with electric mixer
-          Cutting board + knife
-          1 large freezer safe container  (at least 1 1/2 quart)
-          Rubber spatula

§  1 1/2 cups whole milk
§  1 cup granulated sugar
§  3 cups heavy cream
§  1 tablespoon vanilla extract
§  about 10-20 Oreos, chopped (I chopped a lot into small pieces and left some big pieces)

Directions: (Go to Baked Bree for her instructions & step by step photos)
1.       If your ice cream machine needs to be frozen ahead of time, do so ahead of time, preferably for 24 hours.
2.       In the large bowl of your stand mixer, beat together the sugar and milk until the sugar dissolves.
3.       Add the heavy cream and vanilla.
4.       Follow your ice cream manufacturer's instructions to churn ice cream.
5.       When your ice cream is ready, scoop some ice cream into your container, add a handful of crushed Oreos. Repeat layering the ice cream and crushed Oreos, ending with the ice cream.
6.       Freeze the container for at least 4 hours, or until it reaches your desired consistency. 


  1. Awesome! I am all for cookies and cream week! i NEED AN ICE CREAM MAKER!

  2. Haha! I know that particular comment your BF said is a tricky comment... I hear that from my husband and I sometimes say "are you sure???.....". Well, just think that he'll use that a lot for your food/dessert. ;-)

    I'm saving this. Hopefully I can try this year. It's still warm enough... :-)

    1. Ahah, I`m always like: ARE YOU SURE?!

      Hehe, I`m sure you won`t be disappointed!

  3. Oh Lynna, I will definitely be trying this recipe!! I LOVE cookies and cream ice cream... Can't wait to try this one! Bookmarked. :)