Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snickerdoodles w/ Butterscotch + Chocolate Chips

The last time I made snickerdoodles, I almost burned down my kitchen. I think I was about 13 years old. It wasn`t from scratch since my family doesn`t use ground cinnamon at home. I guess Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine doesn`t include cinnamon...but there`s Saigon ground cinnamon...and Saigon is the capital of Vietnam, although it`s now called Ho Chi Minh City...ahh, nevermind.

Anyways, back to almost burning the kitchen down. There`s that compartment at the bottom of the oven...yeah, I think you know what I`m talking about. In our old house, the drawer under the oven was a used as a storage. When we moved to our new home, my mom assumed the bottom of the oven was the same. So she stored some random stuff down there. It was not the same. But, we didn`t know this yet.

One day, I had frozen snickerdoodle cookie dough in the freezer and decided to bake them. I think you can guess what happened? Yep. The stuff at the bottom caught on fire and smoke started rising from the oven. Unluckily, my parents weren`t at home.

My sisters and I panicked and we OPENED THE WINDOWS to let the smoke out. Do you see what is wrong with this? Fire needs oxygen to burn. Opening the windows allow more oxygen to come in, which can make the fire bigger.

Uh, I don`t know why I did not think about this. We are taught this in school!

Still panicking, I called my parents. Luckily, they were are my uncle`s house, which is a 2 minute drive away. They came and so did the firetruck.

I was completely and horribly embarrassed. I had no idea how it happened. I was still in my PJ's...and now, I`m getting embarrassed just writing this story.

In the end, everything, but the oven was okay. We had to replace the carpet, but no one was hurt. Let`s just say I didn`t bake for a long time.

One of my sisters loves snickerdoodles, though. When she came back during a school break, I decided to make these from scratch for her. I added some butterscotch chips and chocolate chips in some cookies. So, think about this as: Snickerdoodles: 3 ways! :)

The recipe I used is from How Sweet It Is, which I found through Tasty Kitchen. I didn`t change anything from the recipe, except I added mini chocolate chips and butterscotch chips after rolling the dough into balls. Follow the directions as is, but before rolling the dough in the cinnamon-sugar mixture, stick some of the chips inside. I also made these cookies smaller than the directions just because I like eating smaller cookies and it`s better for portion control. Hehe.

**Also, if you are having trouble commenting on the blog, please let me know! Some readers have mentioned to me before, so I want to be able to get to the bottom of this. Please and thank you.**

Snickerdoodles: 3 Ways
Yields: 24 small cookies | Level: Easy | Total Time: 50 minutes 
§  As listed here, plus:
§  2 tablespoons mini chocolate chips
§  2 tablespoons butterscotch chips

Materials Needed:
-          baking sheet
-          parchment paper/baking mat
-          cookie scoop
-          large bowl w/ mixer
-          1 rubber spatula
-          1 small plate
1.      At Tasty Kitchen, but Jessica of How Sweet It Is.