Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Almond Butter Berry Banana Smoothie

Yet, another smoothie recipe to add to the internet's infinite`s list? I`m afraid so! With the new years and new resolutions, smoothie recipes are seen everywhere! I made this about half a year ago, but felt it was fitting to post about it now. I wasn`t even going to post about it, originally, since it`s so simple (like, most smoothie recipes).

Then, I realized how this is a blog where I talk about the foods I make, so I felt I should share, regardless of how simple this recipe is.

Let`s be real, several years ago, I never even knew how to make a smoothie. I would always buy them at Jamba Juice. My family didn`t raise me on smoothies, since, they themselves, do not drink them. It`s kind of funny when you realize how easy, simple, and tasty homemade smoothies can be!

I had a few friends who told me they drink smoothies instead of eating lunch since it makes them full. I used to think they were nuts! Smoothies are drinks! You can eat AND drink your smoothie. Of course, I`m a slow eater and I like carrying my smoothies around with me, taking hours to consume...which is why I never realized how filling they can be. Sorry, friend. I take back what I said! I mean, I still don`t replace meals with smoothies, but I do know people who often do! No judging, here. :)

For the past several months, I`ve been keeping a tub of plain of vanilla yogurt in my fridge at all times. With yogurt at my disposable, I`ve been finding recipes to use them. I felt a smoothie was a great idea. And, hey, why not add a few tablespoons of almond butter to the mix?

I can`t eat almond butter by the spoonful, so I decided to make an almond butter smoothie, after being inspired by Love & Olive Oil's almond butter smoothie post. For the 2 cups of berries, I used a mixture of frozen berries and fresh strawberries, since that`s what I had on hand. A smoothie recipe is definitely adaptable this way!

Here are a few drool-worthy smoothie recipes:

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Almond Butter Banana Berry Smoothie
Inspired: Love & Olive Oil | Yields: 1 serving | Level: Easy | Total Time:  15 minutes

§  1 frozen banana, sliced
§  2 cups berries, fresh and frozen
§  ¼ cup vanilla yogurt
§  ¼ cup whole milk
§  2 tablespoons almond butter

Materials Needed:
-          1 blender
-          1 spoon
-          1 tall cup

1.       In a blender, blend the banana, berries, yogurt, milk and almond butter until smooth and combined.
2.       Transfer into a tall glass.

This is very versatile, feel free to use peanut butter instead of almond butter. Switch the berries, with whatever you have on hand.