Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dulce de Leche Donut Holes with Coffee Milk Glaze

I think this is my final recipe with dulce de leche! Haha. Hope you weren`t annoyed with all of my dulce de leche recipes. ;) These crazy easy donut holes were made and inhaled (eaten, if you want to be sensible), months ago.  I just couldn`t figure out the right time to share the recipe.

Then I realized, donut holes can be consumed any day of the year! Just kidding, I definitely know that (evidenced by my Instagram). Honestly, I just didn`t want to overwhelm you all with dulce de leche recipes since I was eating my homemade stash like a maniac.

Also, it`s because I literally just typed the recipe right before I`m writing this post. I had scribbled the recipe on a post-it note and left it somewhere. I searched through all my drawers to find it!

If you`re a huge recipe-hogging foodie, you most likely ran across a recipe for donut holes made with refrigerated biscuit dough at one time or another. If not, this will blow your foodie mind. ;) Well, even though I have seen many recipes for these biscuit donuts, I never made them. I love love love donut holes. From probably any donut shop. I`m a bit picky with my glazed donuts, but donut holes? Nah.

This recipe is definitely for those times when you`re craving a different, but equally amazing, ordinary donut. These ordinary donut holes are filled with dulce de leche to make them a little special. Then, I glazed them with some coffee milk glaze instead of the regular donut glaze, because, why not?

And how can you resist donut holes?! Donut holes that are just too simple NOT to make? I certainly cannot. Please teach me your tricks if you have any. My health will thank you tremendously.

I used coffee milk, as pictured here. But, please feel free to use just coffee or milk. Hey, if you have strawberry or chocolate milk, you can try those as well! :D

Dulce de Leche Filled Donut Holes
Hearts In My Oven Original | Yields: 36 donut holes | Level: Easy | Total Time: 35-40 minutes | Print

-          1 can refrigerated biscuit dough
-          ¼ - 1/3 cup dulce de leche
-          vegetable/canola oil
Coffee Milk Glaze:
-          1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
-          ¾ cup powdered sugar
-          2 teaspoons coffee milk
-          2-3 teaspoons warm water

1.       Line a large plate with 2 sheets of paper towels to soak up the oil after donuts are fried.
2.       Cut each biscuit dough round into quarters. Roll them into balls with the palms of your hands.
3.       In a small saucepan/dutch oven, fill it up to 2 inches of oil. Heat on medium high.
4.       Once oil is hot and ready, cook dough, a few at a time, for about 30 seconds on each side. Use chopsticks to flip them over after several seconds. They are done when golden all around. Transfer to paper towels on plate.
5.       Let donut holes cool.
6.       Poke a hole into each donut with a knife.
7.       Place your dulde de leche in a piping bag/sandwich bag. Pipe dulce de leche into each donut.
8.       In a small bowl, combine melted butter, powdered sugar, coffee milk, and warm water until combined.  (Start with 2 teaspoons of water, if it is too thick, add another teaspoon.)
9.       Dip each donut hole into glaze.
10.   Place on parchment paper until glaze hardens.

-          Test your oil with one donut to see if your oil is too hot, or not hot enough. Oil should be around 350F, if you have a thermometer, although I did not use one.
-          I used coffee milk, however, you can substitute with either coffee or milk.
Best eaten the day they are glazed, which does not have to be the same day you fried the donuts.