Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maple Apple Creme Brulee

So lately, I have been quite obsessed with building a bug-out-bag (B.O.B). For those wondering, it`s basically an emergency kit/bag. I have no idea how I stumbled onto an article talking about earthquake preparedness...I was obviously in an internet black hole..links leads to more links, you know how it is!

Anyhoo, growing up in California, I have experienced many earthquakes. They`re not completely shocking, aside from the first second when I realize the ground is shaking. It`s actually funny how everyone tries to be the first to report the earthquakes on either Facebook or Twitter! Oh, social media! My family has like 1 emergency box that`s the size of a binder. I`m sure it`s expired since I`ve seen it as a kid! My dad keeps this emergency kit in the GARAGE. Totally out of reach in case there was an actual emergency!

I never gave the whole emergency kit much thought, since I figured, I live in a crowded, urban setting. Where I live, the worst immediate natural threat are earthquakes (which could cause other disasters like a tsunami). I figured things would be all right and the probability of our survival isn`t low. Hence, I never worried about it.

Yet, after stumbling on the article, I felt worried. We have nothing! Coincidentally, when I was at work a few days ago, there were two earthquakes! I was like, OMG. This kit needs to happen! Now that I`m older, I felt a sense of responsibility to either make or buy a kit for our household, you know?

Okay, enough of this not-so-tasty-or-fun emergency talk! Time for some deliciously fancy looking dessert! Inspired by fall, I have maple apple creme brulee for you today!

I`m guest posting for Valerie, over at Valerie's Kitchen. I love reading her blogs and her recipes! I`ve been a reader for a long time now, so I was very honored (and surprised!) when she asked me to guest post for her. :)

Please head on over to her wonderful blog for the recipe and more!